Growing Up is the Best Thing I Ever Did


Yep, growing up is the best thing I ever did.  I know you see it all the time, people lamenting growing up, but not me.  Now that I’m a grown up, I can do all the things I’ve always wanted to do.  There’s no one here to tell me I’m too young, too little, or aught to know better.  There’s no one to ground me, take away my allowance, or give me extra chores as punishment.  I plan my time, save up for any silly thing I want, and eat popcorn everyday if I feel like it.  At the same time, I am a responsible adult; I do my work, take care of others, and pay my bills.  Right now, I’m choosing to write a family cookbook, but when I get done let’s go ride the biggest roller coaster in the world together and talk about everything else we want to do, cuz there’s no one to tell us we can’t.  Come with me.  It’ll be fun!